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Beginner's Guide to Personalized Skin Care


Your skin is the largest organ on your entire body. Keeping it healthy doesn’t have to be complicated: drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods, and consistently use high quality products tailored for your skin type to keep your skin looking youthful and glowing.

Determining your skin type

One easy way to determine your skin type is to take my FREE skin type quiz - click here. Bonus, if you take my quiz, I will send you a FREE skin care product sample tailored to your true skin type.


Oily skin is characterized by an all-over shiny appearance throughout the day. People with oily skin often experience breakouts, including whiteheads and blackheads, and have enlarged pores. SeneGence SkinCare for Oily skin helps treat these problems through the use of salicylic acid.

Normal to Oily

If your skin is mostly oily in the “T-Zone,” your forehead and nose, then you probably have normal to oily skin. You may still have large pores and you are not likely to have too many wrinkles. The most important thing to focus on with normal to oily skin is balancing the removal of excess oils with maintaining moisture to keep skin looking young and fresh. SeneGence Normal to Oily skin care products are perfect for this type of skin, as they maximize moisture and hydration while absorbing excess oil without stripping the skin’s surface.

Normal to Dry

People with normal to dry skin will see fine pores with a dull texture and skin will feel tight after cleansing. This skin type is likely to develop lines more easily than other skin types. Adding moisture will help return normal to dry skin to a more balanced state. Advanced vitamin and botanical ingredients in SeneGence Normal to Dry skin care products promote hydration and moisture retention for people with normal to dry skin. Generally speaking, the use of this formula after age 30 is recommended unless skin is very oily due to the fact that all skin becomes drier with age.


Truly dry skin will always feel tight after cleansing and will have fine lines, cracks, flaking, and itchiness. Premature wrinkling is much more likely with this skin type. Extra doses of moisture, essential oils and nutrients are very important to keeping dry skin looking youthful and fresh, and SeneGence skin care products are perfect for providing this relief.


A well-balanced skin care routine will consist of at least three steps: cleansing, moisturizing and protecting. Click here to browse the full range of SeneGence skin care products, and don’t forget to take my skin care quiz to make sure that you are applying the best products for your unique skin type! Comment below and tell me what your skin type is so that I can provide FREE recommendations and tips to keep it glowing and healthy.


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